How to identify quality clothing

Many of us have already become used to the fact that clothes often last only one season. Many people accept the often poor quality because prices (especially with fashion discounters) are invitingly low enough that we are able to treat ourselves to new outfits more...

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5 Things You Should Bring to the Next Music Festival

Rock im Park, Rock am Ring, Southside or Das Fest … the music festival season has started, and fans of concert nights have already been on the road this year, spending weekends at their favorite events. Not usually ones to be put off by burning heat or storm warnings,...

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Customer Spotlight – PE/IX Social Streetlife

Here at Made In Freedom, we like to take a moment to shine a light on our partners and customers that are helping make a change in the world by purchasing Made In Freedom printed textiles. Sometimes it is also the case that these customers are doing work of their own...

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Our Partners Freeset and Purnaa

At the moment, we cooperate with two certified businesses that realize the ten Fair Trade principles for their employess: The Freedom Businesses Freeset in India and Purnaa in Nepal. F R E E S E T Freeset was founded in 1999 by Kerry and Annie Hilton, who had moved...

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Our Team

Our Team consists of people who do not want to simply remain inactively concerned in the face of the global exploitation of millions of workers, but who strive to help provide freedom and fair pay. With our expertise in the area of digital marketing, social media and...

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