Our Team consists of people who do not want to simply remain inactively concerned in the face of the global exploitation of millions of workers, but who strive to help provide freedom and fair pay. With our expertise in the area of digital marketing, social media and design ( AHA Factory), we want to make a difference: So that environmentally friendly textile products can be produced under fair working conditions — and marketed in Germany. It is our goal to offer you a real alternative in online textile printing, where you can rest assured that the ordered fabrics are sustainable and of high quality. Our cooperation partner Freeset in India is certified by the World Fair Trade Organization as a Fairtrade partner. You can find out more about them here.

We, as team members of Made in Freedom, are aware that we cannot solve the great miseries of the global textile industry overnight. But we are all highly motivated to make a difference with small but effective steps — as Mother Teresa once put it: “Not all of us can do great things, but we can all do small things with great love.” The motivation of the two founders Armin Ruser and David Jesze is based on the fact that Freedom Businesses really make a difference and contribute to a sustainable solution in the textile sector.

“I simply do not accept the statement `you can’t do anything anyway,`” says Armin Ruser. “Slavery must be ended and former slaves deserve a dignified job with fair pay. Whoever pays money for a product also deserves good quality. I am delighted to be working with Made in Freedom to make both parties come together.“


With her creative talent and experience in design and printing, Talitha Bainbridge brings everything to make the MiF textile products look outstanding. However, it is very important to her that the textile products not only have an attractive appearance, but are also of high quality. This is the only way we can attain our goal of sustainability and offer an alternative to today`s throwaway society.

In her task as a writer, it is the goal of Heike Gerhold that as many people as possible become aware by reading the MiF blogposts that they can actually contribute to more freedom and fairness in the world. Motivated by Mother Teresa’s quotation, Heike finds that “we should not continue to make the mistake of underestimating our own possibilities for a positive change for people at the lowest end of the production chain.” And this needs to be communicated to all consumers.


For our marketing expert, Austin Cobb, it is important to know that his job is not just about the numbers: “Being an inbound marketing professional for Made in Freedom is about more than just the work. Knowing that every new contact made, every social media follower gained, and every sale that we make is ACTUALLY making a  positive change in someone’s life really puts it in perspective. It replaces the spreadsheets of data with faces of people whose lives get a new perspective. And that is our goal: we are marketing for hope … hope for a better life for as many people as possible. ”
Our suppliers have already helped over 200 women to work and live freely. But this is just the beginning. Help us to positively change the life of more people through your order of textile prints!