Made in Freedom is the official sales partner of the Freedom Business Freeset for European customers. We obtain our shirts exclusively from Freeset as we can rely on the excellent quality of the Freeset shirts, which are made with organic cotton certified in accordance with the Global Organic Trade Standard and carry the World Fair Trade Organization seal.


I N   B U S I N E S S   F O R   F R E E D O M

Freeset was founded in 1999 by Kerry and Annie Hilton, who had moved with their four children from New Zealand to Kolkata, India, to help the poorest of the poor. In light of the shocking conditions in the thriving forced prostitution, they founded a sewing shop to offer the women an employment in freedom and with fair pay. In 2001, they started working with 20 strong courageous women. But it took a long way of training before they were able to produce exportable bags. Because most of the young women had never before worked with scissors, needle and thread. Freeset seamstress Fair Trade Freedom Business

By now, Freeset has grown and produces high-quality textile products like T-Shirts that they can also imprint. More than 200 women are now able to work and benefit from various offers of the Freeset Trust: literacy courses, child care and debt management. Thereby, the Freedom Business enables the women to live and work in freedom and dignity. If you would like to learn more about the motivation of the founders and the encouraging experiences at Freest, take a look at the interview with Kerry Hilton.

Freeset, of course, implements the 10 fair trade principles. In addition to safe working conditions and fair payment of employees, this includes, among other things, transparency and responsible action in all business relations. The fact that freed women have a fair employment is not only changing their family environment. The surrounding community also benefits from a change in society towards greater freedom. At Made in Freedom, it is our goal that many more women can be hired at Freeset. That is why we are committed to raising the awareness about this Freedom Business and its potential for more freedom. If you would like to support us and order shirts with or without print, we are looking forward to your call.