October 18th is the 10th annual European Anti-Trafficking Day, organized by the European Commission to spread awareness of the issue of human trafficking. Our partners at the European Freedom Network have organized the release of their annual “Don’t Shut Your Eyes” video to coincide with the European Anti-Trafficking Day.

This year’s video centers around social media, and EFN has launched a big campaign to get as many peoples’ eyes on the video as possible. EFN understands that awareness is key if we are to continue to move toward a world free of human trafficking. Enlisting the help of a clever little piece of technology called Thunderclap, EFN is inviting people to allow them the single use of their social media profiles in order to post the video at the same time on October 18th. It is safe, spam-free and will simply post the video once to your profile (Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr).

The more people that sign up the larger the impact will be, so please check out the Thunderclap link here to view the video and join the growing number of people who are willing to shine a light on the darkness of human trafficking.

You can find more information about European Freedom Network on their website.